Strudel (With Choice of Filling)

Our strudels are a great way to say thank you or to welcome guests to your home.

Braided flaky, buttery pastry dough hides your favorite fruit fillings inside for a delightful surprise at first bite. Each strudel is multiple servings and is meant to be shared.

Choose from:

Apple filling topped with powdered sugar

Raspberry filling topped with an icing glaze

Apricot filling topped with an icing glaze

Almond (Marzipan) filling topped with slivered almonds and coarse sugar.

Approximate Dimensions: 15" long by 3-4" wide

Please note: All of our products are made by hand with the best ingredients. We do not use preservatives. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out by emailing

Note: Made in a facility that uses nuts.

  • $22.00