About Us

The Solvang Bakery is a family owned boutique bakery located in Solvang California, the Danish capital of America!

We specialize in custom wedding cakes, kransekage towers, birthday cakes, iced cookies, cookie decorating kits, and Danish American pastries and treats for every occasion!
More than anything, The Solvang Bakery is well known for our custom gingerbread houses and creations. Our colorful, delicious gingerbread recipe was developed by our founder, Susan Halme. Our Gingerbread Traditions have been been a source of holiday joy for over 30 years. Our creative team takes gingerbread to the next level, making everything from a quaint Christmas Cottage to a giant Gingerbread Estate complete with working lights and glowing fireplace. We are constantly creating new styles, and each house is unique and custom made!


Susan and MelissaSusan and Melissa (Pictured here left to right)


A favorite among the Kardashians, Kelly Ripa, Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka, Amy Grant, Elton John, and many more! We have also been featured on the Ellen Show and Hallmark's Home and Family. 

 The turning point came in 2007, when Kelly Ripa received one of our gingerbread houses as a gift. She loved her house and began ordering them for her family and friends. Kelly was kind and generous in featuring us on her show, which sparked an amazing following before Instagram stories and tags even existed. We will always be grateful for the immense support we receive that allows us to create these gingerbread houses year after year.

Solvang Bakery Founder Susan Halme

Founder, Susan Halme

In 1981 Susan Halme opened the doors to a delicious bakery, founded on her father’s homemade pie recipes and her Finnish mother-in-law’s cardamom bread. An artist at heart, Susan is the heart of the bakery and can be found day after day creating beautiful, handmade, edible creations.