Gingerbread FAQ


Why won't it let me add my gingerbread house to my cart?

This is usually because a required question on the order form has not been answered. Please look for the red writing that appears under the missed question. If everything has been filled out, the "Add to Cart" button will turn green when clicked. If you continue to have trouble ordering, please email us at or fill out the form here to order with us.
Please note that our website currently only allows shipping to one address per order.

When should I order my gingerbread house?

If you are requesting a specific ship date, please place your order by October 1st. Please note that all houses require 2 weeks processing time to bake, assemble, and ship, and we cannot guarantee your requested shipping/arrival date.

Where do we ship gingerbread houses?

We ship our gingerbread houses across the continental US. We ship to Alaska and Hawaii as well, via Fedex Express 2 Day ONLY. If you are interested in placing an order for international shipping, please contact us at

How long will my gingerbread house last?

If you can keep yourself from enjoying all the candy and delicious gingerbread, your gingerbread house will last through the holiday season (8 weeks)! Although we can only guarantee our houses for one season, if stored properly, they may last for multiple seasons!

How do I preserve my gingerbread house?

The best way to preserve and store your gingerbread house is to wrap it in a large plastic bag and place it in a bin in a dark, cool, and dry space.

Is my gingerbread house edible?

Your gingerbread house is freshly baked and completely edible except for the trees! If you have the gingerbread barn, everything is edible except for the trees and animal figurines.

How do I turn on my Manor or Estate with Lights?

If you have a received a house with an open door and cut out windows, this means your house has lights! To turn on the lights:
  • Locate the hidden gingerbread boxes at the back of the house. Some houses will have one box, and some will have two, one for the windows and one for the fireplace.
  • Remove the top piece of gingerbread and underneath you will find a battery box with batteries included, and a switch. You may also receive a remote control to operate your lights.
  • Switch on to light up your holiday cheer!


What does the iced clothing upgrade mean?

If you chose to upgrade to iced clothing, your gingerbread people will come dressed in their holiday best! This includes royal icing dresses, pants and shirts. If you do not decide to upgrade, your gingerbread people will come adorned in festive scarfs. View photos of this and other upgrade options here.

Custom Gingerbread House Orders & Corporate Gifting

If you are interested in a custom branded project for your business or a fully customized gingerbread structure please reach out to us here or email us at . If you are inquiring about a fully custom gingerbread piece/ gingerbread replica please reach out in July to give us enough time to plan and design your special creation!

Allergy Notice:

All of our products are made in a facility that use tree nuts and wheat products. If you have a specific dietary request please alert us when placing your order.

Design Notice:

All of our products are hand made to order. Due to the nature of our customizable process, there may be some small artistic nuances to your house when compared to the photos.